Positive Thinking

A few of the positive thoughts that have helped me:

You won't miraculously become happy if someone else changes, or if the outside world changes, but only if you change. - Brian L. Weiss MD

No one can depress you. No one can make you anxious. No one can hurt your feelings. No one can make you anything other than what you allow inside. - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

It doesn't matter what other people say or do. What matters is how you choose to react and what ypu choose to believe about yourself. - Louise L Hay

Let go of old guilt and remember that you are God's perfect child. - Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Each obstacle you overcome is a stepping stone on your path to greatness. Appreciate the obstacle, for it empowers you to courageously face future barriers in your quest for success. - Travis Smiley

When you surrender and let go of the past you allow yourself to be fully alive in the moment. Letting go of the past means that you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now. - Don Miguel Ruiz

 Put your heart into everything you do. A lukewarm effort produces mediocre results. Pour on the passion, and experience intense success in all your achievements. - Travis Smiley

Say positive affirmations each morning to open the gates of manifestation. - Doreen Virtue