The Purple Butterfly


I follow a blog called, "Kind over Matter"  It's a blog dedicated to kind acts, insperational art and kind projects. 

They have a section that is called "drop cards."  Basically, they are cards that have quotes on them and the idea is to leave them somewhere for a stranger to find. 

I thought it was a brilliant idea so I set about designing some of my own cards.  I decided to call mine the "Purple Butterfly"  They are plain and simple and they have some of my favourite quotes taken from my little, "Everyday Positive Thinking" book by Louise Hay and Friends.

The "Purple Butterfly" is my way of spreading a little joy, happiness and insperation.  :-)

If you'd like to join in and take part, please contact me and I will email you copies of my cards (one piece of card will make 10 little cards) or why not make your own? 








  •  How would you feel if you found one of these cards?  
  • Have you ever left something insperational for a stranger to find?