Friday, 25 February 2011

It's official..

For those of you that don’t know, I studied for an Advanced Diploma in Event Management and Wedding Planning last year.  It’s something I have always been interested in and have always wanted to do but the course cost £800.00 which I just couldn’t afford.  Luckily or unluckily, however you choose to look at it, I was made redundant at the end of 2009 which made me eligible for a Government Redundancy Grant.  This is where the Government pays up to £1000.00 for you to retrain / study further.
There were times when I didn’t think I could do it – the course work was quite intense and I had to fit the studying in around my family and whilst working full time but I did it and I am really proud of myself!  I think I am living proof that if you want something bad enough you will make it happen.
I recently received my certificates so I am very pleased to announce that I am now (officially) a fully qualified Event Manager and Wedding Planner.  Mandi Prevedello Dip. EMWP – that’s me!

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