Thursday, 24 February 2011

Just for Today...

Just for today…
I will be as friendly as I can with the people that I work with.
I am going to treat them as if they are responsible for keeping me in my job and be grateful that they are there.

Just for today….
I won’t assume that my job is to be chief critic.
I will try to see the good in every situation and will look for something to praise in every person I see.

Just for today….
If I correct someone, I will do it with as much good humor and self-restraint as if I was the one being corrected.

Just for today….
I am not going to insist that everything I do is perfect.
I am not going to try and break any speed records.  I will do what is in front of me with confidence not painful compulsion. 

Just for today…
I will assume that I have adequate competence for my tasks. 
I will not endlessly question whether I really deserve my title or pay.

Just for today…
I will be happy that I am at work, alive and well and not in a combat trench or in hospital awaiting surgery.

Just for today...
I will not have any expectations about how I should be treated.
I will not compare my pay or status with someone else.
I will just be glad that I am who I am.

Just for today…
I will not worry about “what is in it for me”.  I will think only about what I can do to help in every situation.

Just for today…
I will not dwell on how much I did or did not get done.  Instead I will look forward to the evening and be thankful for whatever I accomplished.

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