Friday, 20 August 2010

Cosmic Ordering and Affirmations

When you first say and affirmation, it may not seem true, but remember, affirmations are like planting seeds in the ground. When you put a seed in the ground, you dont get a full - grown plant the next day. We need to be patient during the growing season. As you continue to say the affirmation, either you will be ready to release whatever you don't want, and the affirmation will become true, or it will open up a new avenue to you. Or, you may get a brilliant brainstorm, or a friend may call and say, 'have you tried this?' You will be led to the next step that will help you.
Keep your affirmations in the present tense. You can sing them and make a jingle out of them so they repeat over and over in your head. Remember that you can not affect a specific persons actions with your affirmations. To affirm that 'John is now in love with me' is a form of manipulation, and it is trying to have control over someone elses life. This will usually have a boomerang effect on you. You will become so unhappy when you don't get what you want. You don't know what another persons spiritual lesson is and you don't have a right to interfere in their life process. You certainly don't want someone else doing it to you. If someone is ill, bless them and send them love and peace, dont demand that they get better.
I like to think of doing affirmations as placing our order in the cosmic kitchen. If you fo to a restaurant and the waiter or waitress comes and takes your order, you don't follow him into the kitchen to see if the chef got the order or how he is going to prepare the food. You sit and drink your drink, talk to your friends and maybe eat your roll. You assume that your food is being prepared and will come out when it is ready. It is the same when we do affirmations.
When we put our order into the cosmic kitchgen, the great chef, out higher power, is working on it. So you go on with your life and know its being taken care of. It's on order. It's happening. Now if the food comes out and it isn't what you ordered, and if you have self - esteem, you will send it back. If not, you will eat it. You also have a right to do that with the cosmic kitchen. If you don't get exactly what you want you can say, 'No, thats not quite it, this is what want....' Perhaps you weren't clear in your ordering.

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