Friday, 10 September 2010


It’s easy to say things in the heat of the moment but when you find yourself in the situation that you tried to avoid, and when you know you need to make a decision that will impact your life no matter what decision you make, it is a very different story.

My head and my heart are in constant debate. Do I follow I head and do what is the quick and easiest thing for everyone or do I follow my heart and do what I think is morally right even though I know it will be hard?

You might think that I have ‘fucked your life up’ but you don’t appear to give a dam about what I am going through at the moment so your thoughts, feelings and concerns are the least of my worries right now.

I feel so silly, ashamed and foolish that I didn’t learn from my previous mistake as I am in this situation again b but I am praying and I know that God will help me make the right decision.

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  1. One thing we always need to remember, no matter how difficult it is, is that the heart is most of the times the one to follow and also, that there is never such a thing as a wrong decision when you make it from the heart and take all things into account. Knowing the person that you truly are deep down inside, I have no doubt that you know what you want to do and at the same time, that you know I am right here next to you all along the way x